Quick Tips for Home Improvment

After having come into a bit of a financial windfall, I decided to upgrade my backyard by having a patio constructed. I figured that all I’d need, beyond the umbrellas, tables, grill, chairs, and such would simply be a wheelbarrow, some measuring tape, and some concrete. However, I had no idea that I needed something else, something quite important with this endeavor.

When I shared my plans with my father, he asked me “what about silica sand? You can’t just lay out your bricks and let that be it!” Apparently, that stuff is used as an undercoat for brick layers; it makes them stick to the spot more tenaciously. My dad also suggested that I consider using the stuff with our the cement mix, but I knew enough about cement that it wouldn’t have added anything further to the cement’s profile. Bear this story in mind when working with bricks.