I Can’t Hear You

My mother used to be the person who aggravated me the most. Whenever I wanted to go somewhere or do something she would use her stock phrase, “I can’t hear you”. When I was a teenager this really frustrated me. I knew it was her way of ignoring what she believed was a ridiculous request on my part. She was correct, but that was not the point.

One day I was so frustrated with her, I suggested she try ear wax removal for her hearing problem. That was the wrong thing to say. She grounded me for two weeks with extra chores. It was not something I ever said to her again.

My mother never did have a hearing problem. I eventually realized she used her phrase so she would not have to explain the obvious to me. She wanted me to learn to stop asking for ridiculous privileges I had not yet earned.

Anything but Red

It was the evening of my first Prom and I had spent hours shopping for my first formal. I was sure I had found the perfect one, a light green strapless with a waltz length skirt of many layers of netting. As I was dressing, my Mother, casually asked if I had told my date the color of my formal and added that he then could have asked the florist Harrogate to suggest a good color corsage. She added, I think any color, but red would work. I was secretly hoping for an orchard, which would be perfect. As my Mother was touching up my hair do, my date knocked on our door. As I greeted him, he handed me the clear
plastic box containing my corsage. As I looked at it, I gasped. It was a corsage
of red carnations!

Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

Gorgeous paving deserves to the be the center focus of anyone’s home. Your home could easily benefit from having gorgeous permeable paving added to it as mine has had this put into the front quite some time ago. The type of paving I chose was beautiful because it adds depth and richness to my house without being an overly expensive project to have done by a professional company in my area.

The great part about putting the time and emphasis into adding paving to the front of my home is that I know it has added a lot of value to the property so that it can sell quicker and for more money later on in my life. I have chosen to go with paving and it’s definitely something I think many other people should consider for themselves if they want to spruce up their house and turn it into something different.

Selfie Profile What?

In this day and age of selfies and social media profiles. I was somewhat behind the times needless to say. I don’t take selfies I never really see the point of it. You see teenagers mugging for the camera constantly. If we would have done that people would have thought we were stuck up. Now I know there are tons of social media sites cropping up that provide a new venue for people to post endless pictures of themselves. So I got to thinking what if someone set up a selfie social media site. Each person would have a set amount of data storage to broadcast their selfies. So as my idea came together I began to involve friends that were tech savvy to help me think about how we would set it up. The first thing they introduced me to was an ecommerce web design builder. I know nothing about setting up a web site. Thank goodness my friends do.

The Audacity of Aging

Every day I hang out with my neighbor, Miss Natalie, and read her poetry or a chapter from a classic novel. This month we’re reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. When I got to the part where Jane has a book thrown at her head and she blacks out, I noticed Miss Natalie looking confused so I stopped to ask her what was wrong.

“Could you speak up, Sunshine? I see your lips moving, but I can’t quite make out what your saying.”

Considering I had been projecting my voice very loudly, her straining to hear my words was more than a little bit concerning. But, she’s well into her 60s so I just assumed it was natural, shrugged it off, and continued reading. But something didn’t sit right. When the tea kettle screached and she sat there completely unfazed as though nothing happened I knew she needed Stockport hearing aids.

Renovating Baby’s Nursery

My wife is pregnant, and our little bundle of joy will be soiling her first diaper in six months. So, we have started getting the nursery in order. I did not know that setting up a nursery really means renovating an entire room. I thought I was just going to vacuum the carpet, set up the crib and a dresser, and still have time to catch the end of the game.

Apparently, setting up a nursery means ripping out carpeting and installing new rugs, replacing all window treatments with new blinds Manchester, painting over perfectly good paint, and installing new light fixtures that look extremely similar to the old light fixtures. All this is done in-between multiple trips to the home improvement store. Did I mention that was just one weekend of work? With 26 more weekends to go, I’m sure that my wife will find more ways to renovate the baby’s room.

A Trendy Touch

When renovating any room in your home for improvement. It is nothing like chosen the simple accessories for added touch to your decor. As we are in the process of renovating our home concerning windows for every room in the house, shopping for window coverings to keep out the ray of sunlight and matching the decoration to improve you home can be an eye soar.

Even though there are so many windows treatments to choose from, just finding the right one that will bring a perfect fit and beneficial to your designer’s choice in the final project. Manchester shutters provides the best custom window covering for your home, they keeps out the sunlight and glares while you enjoy a nice sunny day, increase energy efficiency, reduce heat, and save you money on your electrical bill. An affordable renovation project that adds touches to any room for style, beauty, and protection.

Quick Tips for Home Improvment

After having come into a bit of a financial windfall, I decided to upgrade my backyard by having a patio constructed. I figured that all I’d need, beyond the umbrellas, tables, grill, chairs, and such would simply be a wheelbarrow, some measuring tape, and some concrete. However, I had no idea that I needed something else, something quite important with this endeavor.

When I shared my plans with my father, he asked me “what about silica sand? You can’t just lay out your bricks and let that be it!” Apparently, that stuff is used as an undercoat for brick layers; it makes them stick to the spot more tenaciously. My dad also suggested that I consider using the stuff with our the cement mix, but I knew enough about cement that it wouldn’t have added anything further to the cement’s profile. Bear this story in mind when working with bricks.